Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When I'm up, I can't get Down

I am so unbelievably pumped for March Break. There are only four more days to go and then I'm FREE to do whatever I want. This week, so far, I've been in such an amazing mood. It's not even that good things have been happening, everything just seems so much brighter. Maybe I'm just giddy from too much excitment about March Break. I've decided that this break, I'm going to do something productive with my life...maybe some volenteering, job searching, soul searching (haha), boy searching etc. Tonight, I've started my streak of "productive-ness" by altering a skirt and dress that I recently bought from Value Village. I hemmed the blue pencil skirt and I definatly think I'm going to wear it tomorow. It's definatly bright enough to fit my mood! As for the darker blue flouncy skirt, I cut the entire dress part of it off and shortened the skirt. It kinda reminds me of the miu miu skirts from last spring and the pattern of the skirt brings me back to the fall Luella collection. I'm not a very good sew-er but I thought I did a pretty good job with these 2 items. I also started a drawing that is part of a series that I'm going to complete over March Break as well. It was inspired from a photo of me and my friend, Siobhan. It's such a quirky picture, I couldn't let it pass by. I think I'm going to illustrate it with guache and markers. Hopefully you guys are just as excited for March Break and if not, I hope at least, my ranting has gotten you a little bit pumped!!
Yours Truly,



Leigh said...

Thank you Alice!! :) Love this post yay for spring !!


Laura said...

i absolutely love that turquoise blue skirt. its so spring-ish and fresh.