Sunday, March 1, 2009

The girl in the striped tights.

It's one of those lazy dazy sundays. Plans for the day: absolutly nothing. Highlight of the day: lounging around in a tank that says: This is what a feminist looks like. This is a very misleading shirt considering the fact that I am the furthest thing from a feminist. Anyways, these photos are a couple weeks old from my friend Julia's house. We spent hours picking out what I was going to wear to a semi-formal and finally deciding on a gold skirt and american apparel dress. My favorite part of the outfit is definatly the tights. The pictures don't even capture half of their amazing-ness. So...I'm going to get back to my un-eventful sunday with a marathon of Gilmore Girls...perhaps?
Yours truly,
wearing: american apparel dress, Asos skirt(curtosy of Julia), Club Monaco tights, BCBG booties.


Riina said...

I love your outfit, the skirt is just amazing !

Nancy said...

love the tights. :) kudos on your blog. i love it.