Thursday, March 5, 2009

Blushing Red

I think i dreamt about these babies last night. There were millions of pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes falling from this sky, they grew on trees, and sprouted as wild flowers in fields. If only that actually happened... These are possible the most amazing shoes I have ever seen and I want them sooo badly...Unfortunatly they're just a "little" bit out of my budget...
Maybe if i dream really hard tonight, they'll appear under my pillow. I'm crossing my fingers!



Krystal said...

i love all his shoes, but they all are so uncomfortable. but this shoe, gorge!

Megan said...

were getting these in at holt eh.
come visit me and you can try them on

Natasha said...

I loovvee those shoes!

Leigh said...

I want these!!!!