Thursday, October 30, 2008

androgynous chic

blue oxford-vintage, leggings-aritzia, skirt-aa, boots-vintage depressing; after all it is only october. What better way is there to perk up the day than my feel good oxford button down. It seems like these days it's all about the androgynous look. Girls in boy's clothing. What makes me feel even better is that my oxford was only 4$ while, they sell practically the same shirt at AA for 50$. I say, what a deal. Cheap and chic.
The drafty winds call for a nice relaxing snooze in front of my fire place and what would that be without a nice hot cup of hot chocolate?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

hello my love.

My new or so to speak not so new... obsession; my dolce vita heels found at a cute little boutique, Victoire in the market. The chunky heal, a twist on maryjanes and the big blue strap;i think they're pretty spiffy. Love, meet the bloggers, bloggers meet my love.