Monday, February 2, 2009

I've Got the Chills Up My Spine.

Today was a fresh start for me...well only kind of. It was the first day of semester two which usually I am not too keen about. New classes, new teachers and new people. In my opinion, that's a little too much change for one measly day. Today, however was not as bad as I had anticipated. Perhaps a bit of a pessimist...but my classes really weren't all that horrific. I was however extremely dissapointed with my english class. Previous years, I had amazing teachers but this year, let's just say that my teacher is less then pleasant. Cooky? Yes. Intelligent? not so much. Now on a entirely different note, I looked outside my window this morning and realized: WOW! We have a lot of snow! The mounds of snow are taller then me! But that's not hard to beat. I am after all only 5'1 on good days. Because of the chilly weather, I wore my new leather gloves that my lovely friend Julia bought me for Christmas. I know it's a little late from Christmas presents but it's partially my fault being my slacker-ish self, I still have not gotten her presents yet!! Hope y'all had a great day and hopefully less chilly then mine!
Yours Truly,
P.S: Wearing: French Connection- Coat, Club Monaco- gloves, Vintage boots that I found on Julia's meticulously orgazined shoes shelf, Roots-beanie, Thrifted scarf.


Emily said...

Adorable ADORABLE coat! And the boots are fabulous, great find!

Sophia said...

you look just like a friend of mine!

i love the coat and scarf :)

cute blog, i'm glad i found it