Friday, January 30, 2009

POP culture

"...and made her king of all wild things. "And now," cried Jane, "let the wild rumpus start!" (quote from one of one favorite childhood stories: Where the Wild Things are.) This picture book inspired my project for my art class in which we had to recreate a story in the form of a pop up book. Although this may not seem like a hard task, it was extremely time consuming. I worked on it for a full...i'm going to guess 80 hours in all and I am still not completely finished! This book was inspired by many editorials from various fashion magazines. I protrayed the main character of "Jane" as the model Sasha Pivarova. The "wild things" are random models also taken from my favorite editorials. Hopefully all this work and lack of social life will pay off on my soon-to-be coming report card. I've got my fingers crossed!


Megan said...

its catching on already
peace out homie

Megan said...

oh yeah and damn girl nice book