Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Let me introduce you to my Double J's


SO tomorow is my birthday! I'm not so much of a birthday girl, but I am turning 17 so I think that's a pretty big deal. Now getting to the point of this post... I wanted to dedicate a post to my two best friends at school; or more commonly known as the Double J's. (haha. no, not really, I just made that up right now.) I love them to death and sitting on the window sill everyday at lunch overlooking the losers in our hallway with them is something that I will never forget. Big Liz and her Halloween costume is something else that, unfortunatly, I will never forget either. Jesse and Julia, you guys are so cute and I'll see you guys tomorow at school! Oh! and check our their blogs!
Julia- www.ohh-darling.blogspot.com


Jesse said...

Well, I practicly shed a tear at that post so we're even. And, delete photo #2 of me. Can't you find a better one? Ugh.
Happy early birthday birthday-girl!

julia said...

omg I love you alice. this is so cute. Just wait for tomorow. Basically the best birthday you ever had.

Hannah @ LONDON--ROSE ♥ said...

love your blog! && was wondering if you want to exchange links?
my blog is…


…let me know ♥