Sunday, June 28, 2009

100% Cotton

I've noticed that my wardrobe is severely lacking in summer clothing. I have piles and piles of jeans, sweaters and just generally winter-esque clothing but absolutly nothing summer-y. I "googled" some inspiration for my summer wardrobe and came across Kirsten Dunst. I really like her care-free style. It's summer and I am definatly not in the mood to put in too much effort. As a solution, I have decided to stock up on sheer white cotton t-shirts and tons of cut-off denim shorts because let's be serious, a girl can't own enough pairs of cut-offs. I'd also like to find some nice cotton frocks...hopefully...we'll see how that one works out in Ottawa. (I don't really have too much selection here.)
Yours Truly


sundaelove said...

Oh man, I've been trying to find some kool white, there's a couple of ones at American Apparel but that's pretty much it. Btw, did you get a pair of cut-off shorts? I can't find them anywhere! Everywhere I go I only see cuffed shorts. I was thinking of just buying a pair and cutting them myself.

Lily said...

I have exactly the same problem..I'm still dressing like its winter, in serious need of a wardrobe update!

lily x