Thursday, December 25, 2008

A very MERRY christmas indeed.

floral scarf-vintage, shirt-AA, pleather skirt- AA, finge heels-le chateau
The camera that I've been craving for has finally appeared under my christmas tree! Thank you Santa! Although not the Nikon D60 that I dreamed about, it is a very nice camera. I am thoroughly satisfied. I can finally actually put up posts on my very ignored blog. The shoes were a christmas present to myself for being such a good girl this year. I found them a couple days before christmas at le chateau. I do admit that I occasionally did put in the snide remark at those who bought shoes from that store but I fell in love with these fringe heels.
Hope you all have a great christmas!

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Alice Point said...

I dream about Nikon D60 (or D80) too, but I must save money by myself;)

And I'm so in love with your new shoes! I want the same! :)

Have a nice day,


Ps. And I must say that your illustration (in the new post) is lovely:)